piątek, 8 lutego 2008

Szukam miejsca na antene

Zamiescilem na forum USKA (odpowiednik PZK w Szwajcarii) posta z prosba o wskazanie jakis ciekawych miejsc w okolicach Zurichu na "field operations". Post wygladal tak:

Hi All

I'm looking for a nice place about 5..30km from Zurich where it would be possible to stop a car,
assembly some portable antennas and spent some time having a few nice QSOs.
Some requirements:
- top of some hill would be great
- accessible by car (not 4x4 Defender ;)
- nice .. (nice views)
- safe
- not very popular
- kids friendly would be great

I'm sure that some of you know such places - please share them with me ;)


Marcin HB9EGA

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