sobota, 27 grudnia 2008

New antenna in my radio shack

After months of considerations - how to start working from my home QTH (first floor, no antenna possibilities) I decided to buy magnetic antenna from MFJ. Fortunately one of MFJ nearest dealers here (FUNKBOX.CH) had one in stock so just before Christmas I become happy owner of such construction(standing actually on my balcony):

Of course I know that I should not expect miracles (such wheel standing on the balcony will never replace 3el. beam 20m. above the ground..). But in comparison with just a piece of wire I had along my balcony it is definitely much better. Quite often I compare both antennas and so far loop is much better than my wire (much better means no signal on wire and quite good on loop) - especially on 7MHz.
Today I will try to work on PSK31 and maybe some SSB.