piątek, 2 października 2009

Magnetic Loop on moving arm

Due to problems with having antenna on building where I live I had to buy Magnetic Loop antenna. It worked ok but when used on my balcony never tuned to SWR better than 1.4..2. Additionally like any antenna it may be not too healthy to touch it during trasmiting (it may burn). My two kids (boys) are usually where I dont expect them so the danger was quite real.

I decided to build arm for this antenna which could go outside balcony when necessary. Thanks to this when not used antenna stays in area of my flat and when necessary - goes outside.

The arm was build in Poland by my father and one of our neighbours. It is made of steel and is able to hold not very light MFJ magnetic loop antenna.

When antenna goes outside balcony at always tune to SWR near 1. Works much better now and is much safer.