poniedziałek, 28 kwietnia 2014

New baby arrived ... :)

Yes! Finally it has happened. I have a new little baby!!

Oh no, don't call my wife with congratulations, she doesnt know anything about that yet...

Oh no, don't call my wife with this news,  dont think that what you just think - it is not what you think :)))

My new little baybe is ...KX3. Came a few days ago, nicely packed. I had opportunity to test such radio before - Piotr SP2SWR visited me last year with this precious little thing. I remember I was amazed with audio quality, features and portability.

I reviewed the documentation.. Radio is similar for me to K3 (which I also have)  just much more tiny. When standing next to K3 looks like younger brother.

I did first comparisions to K3 and my impression is that with simple antenna and in good conditions the reception is similar. I guess that in more extreme situation (contest, pileup) the "big brother" (K3) must win...