środa, 15 października 2008

New place for my radio activities

I constantly look for new places around Zurich for my radio expeditions. The ideal would be open spaces (top of hill), accessible by car (including Winter), calm (from noise and HF noise :)) and safe (no bears, wolfs, mines and yetis around).
Once again Google Earth proved it's value - I found Ober Albis - small village on some hill about 25km from Zurich.

Place is beautifully located on the hill side (with open South-West, West and North-West directions so great for afternoon-evening expeditions). There is an open view for town located below and the view is really impressing. I used small place on the road side just enough to erect mast with antenna and leave the car. The traffic is very low (one..two cars an hour) so is really safe and calm. The only problem was HF noise yesterday - not sure yet if is it a result of propagation, the town below or power lines about 100m from this place - needs verification.

Some very strong stations from North America could be heard..

All pictures made there may be found here (click here)


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