wtorek, 16 lutego 2010

IARU HF World Championship results

Many hours of preparations, a lot of equipment and efforts - all for participating in IARU HF World Championship in July 2009. The goal was to be listed at least in official results. After submitting logs with score around 19000 points I lost hope.. Too less... and ...too early :)

And - just an hour ago I found results from IARU 2009 and .. I'm there !!!! As the only swiss station (except HB9HQ and HB9JOE - R1 station). Just was going to open champagne but is 2a.m so maybe tomorrow :)) Honestly I'm on ninth position but this is World Top Ten !!

Many thanks for all who was supporting me in this great event ! Please support me in 2010 as going to start again :)

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