środa, 1 lipca 2009

Hamr Radio Friedrishafen 2009

As every year I visited Ham Radio 2009 in Friedrishafen. It is only around 100km from Zurich so for me it is not whole day trip like for my Polish friends. Again I met there Krzysztof SP5HS - who is an author of the book "ABC Krotkofalowca" ("ABC of Ham Radio Operator). This book was for many years my only source of information about Amateur Radio and after some time I knew it almost by heart. Krzysztof is very nice and open person and I hope to meet him next year again.

As every year there is a time when all polish hams meet to make photo together :

I'm considering going to Dayton next year - where is organised probably the biggest Ham Radio Fair worldwide. The problem is that as citizen of Poland I need to ask for visa before. And where that Dayton is... ??