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Monitoring amateur stations activity... without antenna

I dont have enough time to monitor bands during a day or sometimes even just every day..

On the other hand I would change my daily plan if I know that conditions are better than usual and there is a chance to have some interesting QSO...

I was monitoring the ionosphere parameters hoping to find "gold rule" when I should pack the radio and assemble antenna in the middle of forest. So far it haven't succeed.

I was considering monitoring of beacons, WSPR network, DX clusters activity and many others. I decided to do some research how band conditions are reflected in amateur stations activity which at least in some way is shown in DX Clusters spots. I cannot have a transceiver with huge antenna in my QRL but why not to have a computer or even smartphone with some software..

The first step was building a client software which can receive spots from DX clusters. This is already basically done. I would need (and currently looking for) a file with spots from last months or even better years. This is necessary to compare current activity with past activity to take into account some "social" factors as day of the week, time, contests, national holidays in Europe or States etc.
Client application storing spots in local database

If anyone reading this post knows how to get such data please help. Below there is a picture with my email address, please contact me this way.

Next step will be some kind of visualisation of current activity - currently working on this.

If I decide that it gives reliable results I will write more about this project.

please stay tuned, 73!

Update 6.06.2014

I have the first spots on the map!
Maybe not exactly where expected but everything is possible in pilot phase...

Update 9.06.2014

Ok. First spot more or less where expected...
Big job behind me (map calibration).

Update 13.06.2014

Yes, Friday and 13... Tried to show this app on our HB9RR meeting. Application was starting for 5 minutes and then immediately crashed. What a shame... And was working quite well recent days...

Update 17.06.2014

Don't have too much time (difficult project in my QRL, IARU HF 2014 preparations, bicycle/foot tours to the nearest hill - Uetliberg, some photo contests deadlines soon, radio escapades in the evenings, family life...).

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