wtorek, 23 września 2008

Night forest adventure with 20m 3el. Superantennas yagi

I promised myself to have "radio evening" every Tuesday evening regardless of the weather and other circumstances. Today it was the first such event. I went to the forest (to the "picnic hill") with YP3 antenna, 5 meters long mast, FT847 and 18Ah battery. It was about 10 degrees (quite cold) and veeery bad propagation. I made only one short qso, some North American station heard but they didn't hear me. My battery seems to be not enough for power levels > 30W - I have to work QRP or change battery. The new experience was assembling 3 elements Yagi antenna for 20 meters in complete darkness (with head lamp only), erecting it on 5 meters mast and the disassemble again in complete darkness a few hours later. I see my expeditions in Autumn/Winter will be limited due to condensation appearing on equipment- about midnight everything was wet what not necessarily must be good for radio...

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