czwartek, 8 maja 2014

First "field test" of the new KX3..

First "field test" of the new KX3 happend on 7th of May.. 

I have some nice picnic place near Zurich where usually test new antennas/radios/ideas. This time the conditions were perfect - rain had a break and for one hour I could build my station (Buddipole on 5m mast) and try to make some QSO with a new KX3. 
Why rain is "just perfect"? Because then the picnic area is really empty (who would like to have a barbecue when all around is wet) and I can practice the witchcraft in peace...

I had a few qso. At the end I was called by Kevin M0XLT and we had really nice chat. Kevin gave me very good feedback related to my audio and signal (55). I had the output power between 5..10W
but seems that my signal was really good in Southern England. Thanks Kevin, that was great QSO especially that one of my really first with this radio.

Finally the rain decided to come back again there so I decided to come back home...
I was really happy with the results.

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