poniedziałek, 19 maja 2014

Night trip to Buchenegg

I think I mentioned already that most of my Radio activities are related to trips outside Zurich. First the noise level in Zrh is terrible, second my antenna located 4 meters over the ground between other buildings does it's best but ... When I leave Zurich instead of 3..5 stations in the band I can hear 20..

So that evening I packed some equipement and visited Buchenegg - the small village (very small) on the top of some hill located on the left (West) side of Zurich Lake.

There is a parking there which is my "base". It is usually quite empty at night - visited by nice couples in the cars who stop there to discuss the film that they just had seen in the cinema (I guess because what else they could do there in such darkness ...:)))

For some reasone they prefer to be alone there because when their car's light "see" my antenna they usually stop for 40..90 seconds and  ...leave the parking. Even worst film could not be discussed so shortly :)))

As you may see on these pictures Im not always QRP. So far have no idea what the output power from Midland B747 power amplifier is... But definitely not QRP because the gauge in the antenna tunner almost bends sometimes at the end of the scale (strange, scale is to 300W but this is not possible).

Need to check it.

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