piątek, 3 kwietnia 2015

CW finally ???

My history of learning telegraphy deserves a book... The title would be "how not to learn CW" or something like this.

Someone in some wise book claimed that for the average person it should be enough to practice for several weeks to be able to start. Im learning ... XX years... I'm probably the best example how to NOT learn telegraphy. The biggest sin is doing it in irregular periods with a few months between. Many times I was almost ready to start but wanted to improve it a little bit before the very first QSO and... postponed for next months... Everyone says the most important is regular training.

This is where I'm today again. Last weeks of trainings (not really regular)  and started to copy some transmissions - maybe not in 100% but I hope enough to make my first CW contact.

I like this mode. This is how all this begun - first was wired telegraph which later move into the air as electromagnetic wave. Phone was later invention. For me this is this a magic of amateur radio.

Telegraphy lets to use power of the transmitter more efficiently and allows to make contacts to longer distances than phone. It is also more suitable for QRP operations.

Tomorrow is a SP DX contest - Polish annual national contest. Im going to start in CW category!

Fingers crossed..

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